Dear Classmates,   

       Any help you could give us in finding these missing classmates would be greatly appreciated. Whether it be a married name, address, phone number, or e-mail, no bit of information is too small. Also, if you have the time and love the "Art of the Hunt"....please feel free to do so. Please forward any information to either:

Linda (Roselinde) Shydo (
Linda Hoene Amann (

     We will also attempt to update this list as classmates are found, so that efforts are not duplicated in an attempt to find people.

Thank You

This list was updated on 4/6/2017

Beisgen, John
Bonomolo, Paul
Byrnes, Chris
Dickson, Jane
Distifano, Ray
Donahue, Robert
Esposito, Cheryl
George, Carol
Grennan, James
Holt, Mike
Horning, John
Huges, John
Keen, Karen
Kommack, Valerie
Lyon, Linda
Maggio, Jacqueline
Medico, Patrica
Oswald, William
Posner, Roger
Sienkiewicz, Joseph
Thompson, John