The costs indicated below include a buffet dinner and a DJ. There will be a cash bar. The cost for this celebration is $110 per person, if received by May 31, 2017; $120 per person, if received by September 15, 2017; and $125 per person, if received after September 15, 2017 and until October 1st. Absolutely no paying at the gate!

Please trust us on this! The Committee has reviewed many methods of payment. The best and most convenient way to handle this is for you to make a check or money order made payable to either of our Committee's co-treasurers and mailed to them: Maureen McGowan Parashkevov (Please be careful with the spelling!), 11 West Lewis Avenue, Pearl River, NY 10965, or Donna Wylie Perlitz, 27 Contempra Circle, Tappan, 10983. Simply write PRHS Class of 1967 in the memo space. By asking for checks for payment, we are saving on credit card fees. Reunion Committee members have already spent personal finances in order to make down payments. If you can afford to mail in your checks sooner,                                                  that would be great! That would give the Committee members some funds                                                          with which to work.